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Event Exp x2
We want to inform our small community that this weekend the server rates will double! That is, the rates would be like this: Experience (EXP) x14 Skill Points (SP) x14 Ade...
26 November, 2020
List of Changes
Here the changes made with date will be listed. 11/26/2020 - One more account was added by ip. (Now 3 accounts can be logged by ip). 11/25/2020 - The geodata was changed. 1...
26 November, 2020
In L2Giar there are several exclusive mods from our server: L2Giar Scroll's: L2Giar - Scroll of Experience - With this scroll for 2 hours the experience acquired is doub...
24 November, 2020
Npc's is in the clan hall
For all the clans that want to contribute to the development of the server through a donation, they can acquire npcs in their clan hall. These npcs do not create any imbalance or b...
24 November, 2020
Patch v2.0
New patch, download it here.
21 November, 2020
We are online!
Good afternoon lineaaaaaaageroooooooos !!! We are pleased to announce that we have opened our server !!! Some data to keep in mind: As it is a weekend and because it is the...
31 October, 2020

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